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March 18, 2021

Tips For Selecting A Wedding Band That Complements Your Engagement Ring

By Suzi Battaile

Tips For Selecting A Wedding Band That Complements Your Engagement Ring

By: Elizabeth Campbell, Fine Jewelry Buyer


Ring shopping is an exciting and special occasion for couples. This enthusiasm often puts all of the focus on engagement rings, leaving the wedding bands as an afterthought or completely overlooked. However, the wedding band is just as important and deserves some attention, too! On top of that, it’s essential that couples are able to select wedding bands that simultaneously complement and highlight their engagement rings, which is easier said than done. Keep reading to get tips and tricks from Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Experts, on picking out a wedding band that pairs well with your engagement ring.



Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands Both Deserve The Spotlight

engagement and wedding ring

Most often, the engagement ring is the star of the show, but wedding bands can also be attention grabbing at the same time! Wedding bands can be beautiful and brilliant in their own way, while still accompanying your sparkling engagement ring. Opt for wedding bands that have the same overall aesthetic as the engagement ring, that are equally as stunning.


Mix Metals And Shapes For A Modern Look

engagement and wedding ring

Brides may be hesitant to mix metals and shapes at first, but when done right, these unconventional pairings can prove to be classic and beautiful! This is a great option for brides who can’t seem to decide if they want platinum, white or rose gold…so, why choose? Mixing metals is the perfect route for the modern and chic bride. Additionally, having different shapes on the band and ring can create beautiful contrasts. For indecisive brides, having multiple shapes on their fingers can create excitement and a sense of newness every time they look down at their hand.


Pair Dainty Engagement Rings With Bold Wedding Bands

engagement and wedding ring

Not only is it completely acceptable (and trendy) to mix metals and shapes, but it’s also a beautiful statement to pair delicate engagement rings with bold wedding bands. This stunning duo complements one another, without being too overpowering. The two contrasting aesthetics create a gorgeous overall design that is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Differing widths can make for a unique, sophisticated look that won’t go out of style. Mixing dainty styles with bold bands make for a truly stunning comparison. No matter what brides decide, it’s important to keep in mind that the wedding band should reflect their personality and style.


Selecting a wedding band is a lost art for many, but with some tips and inspiration, couples can be confident in their decisions! Robbins Brothers is always excited to guide couples through the wedding band selection process, and find one that perfectly symbolizes their unique love. For more wedding band inspiration, visit:

Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Experts, specialize in proprietary and designer engagement ring settings and loose diamonds. The company also carries an extensive selection of wedding bands, promise rings, anniversary bands, three-stone and stackable rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. To learn more about Robbins Brothers, visit