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At SanDiegoStyleWeddings.com our goal is very simple: to bring brides and businesses together. Planning a wedding today can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. For the past 30 years Dena Nolen-Malasek has been passionate in helping Brides simplify this task. Our sponsors are some of the finest wedding professionals in San Diego and Temecula areas. They can provide helpful advice, useful tips and above all, expert service with the products you need to plan the perfect wedding. Ask lots of questions – you’ll find that our advertisers are here to help make the wedding planning process fun, enjoyable and more importantly the most memorable and special event in your life.

We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else

As San Diego and Temecula’s largest bridal magazine publisher, San Diego Style Weddings does one thing better than any other regional bridal magazine, we give you year-round exposure to the greatest number of discriminating brides. For almost three decades, we have provided brides with intelligent, comprehensive, local information and advertisers with the ability to reach these brides effectively and cost efficiently. By an overwhelming margin, San Diego Style Weddings exposes your advertising message better and more often than any other wedding-related program.

San Diego Style Weddings (SDSW) Equals Maximum Response

90% of SDSW couples will participate in a bridal registry program.

81% of SDSW readers have a catered reception with an average of 147 guests.

86% of SDSW will hire entertainment for their ceremony and reception.

95% intend to take a honeymoon spending an average of $4,600 over 8 days.

55% will hope to buy a new home or condo between their engagement and first year of marriage 100% will review their insurance policies and financial planning goals.

*San Diego Style Weddings surveyed brides and 86% chose San Diego Style Weddings as their first choice in finding their wedding professionals —Breakthrough Marketing, Inc.

Interested In Advertising?

San Diego Style Weddings Magazine and Website provides area wedding professionals with a complete marketing program to reach the San Diego & Temecula area bride. Here’s what we have to offer you.

  • We offer 2 different print publications a full size Magazine.
  • Digital Magazine suited for mobile and desktop devices
  • PR Partnership & Multi-platform Branding program
  • State of the art ‘Bridal Lead Access Program’ with over 2,500 direct-from-brides leads.
  • Our incredible websites (SanDiegoStyleWeddings.com) that is accessed over 100,000 times monthly
  • Our wide variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and our Blog) that are industry-leading and constantly connecting with brides and vendors.

We offer the savvy wedding professional an unbeatable program that delivers proven results with over 90% of Advertisers continuing and placing their business with us year after year. Whatever size of business you have, we can help. If you want to reach more area brides, we’ll bring them right to your door. To learn more about the single most effective bridal marketing program in San Diego, please e-mail or call. We look forward to working with you soon.

Ideas & Feedback

Tell us what you think. How can we make our site better? Have we helped you find the product and services you need? If you have a new idea that you believe can benefit other brides in the area, please share it. Your helpful suggestions may make another brides planning much easier. Many of the items we’ve created have come from our readers. We look forward to hearing from you.


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