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March 6, 2020

Fashion Friday: The Dapper Gent

By Suzi Battaile

Consider getting a custom suit for your wedding, not only will you be walking down the aisle in style, it will have a very special place in your heart each time you wear it.

men in custom suits

Call me old fashion, but I love nothing more than to see a man in a nicely tailored suit. We sat down with John Park, CEO and Founder of Zeglio Custom Clothiers, and talked about my love for a dapper gentleman. I feel as does he, a nicely dressed man exudes confidence, strength and power when wearing a suit. Take a look for yourself, his posture is a little taller and his smirk a bit larger when your guy dresses up, especially when wearing a fine suit. You don’t necessarily need a dozen but a few of top quality suits would be a wise investment and always a great gift idea.

men in custom suits men in custom suits

I know many businesses have gone to a more casual look, but be your own person, give yourself a daily boost of confidence and style with a more professional look.

Not all suits are created equally- Zeglio is known for their classy and top of the line designs, fabrics and tailoring.

two men lighting cigar

The Four Most Important elements of a custom suit.

  1. The Fit– Brand doesn’t matter what so ever if the garment doesn’t fit you perfectly

  2. The Proportions– Part of the aesthetics and science of design, is giving your face and body a balanced look.( i.e. lapel width, 1st button location, length etc.)

  3. Quality of Construction– This speaks for itself and what makes it custom and unique.

  4. The Design– This element should make a statement about you, and make you feel confident wearing it. Look at personalizing the lining and selecting fabrics that talk to you.

men in custom suits

How to purchase a custom suit.

♦ Call and Book an Appointment

♦ Decide on the different design elements, fabrics, type, details desired.

♦ 1st Fitting where you are measured, assess your posture and proportions, and try on several styles to see what looks best on your frame. Listen to the experts!

♦ Baste Fitting, where the suit is unfinished and adjusted on your body.

♦ Final Fitting where final adjustments are made to assure the perfect fit.

man in tuxedo

** Expect to pay for a custom suit $1500-$5000, but in my book, worth every penny. I would love to see more handsome men wearing their confidence in a suit on a daily basis.

men in custom suits men in custom suits

men in custom suits

Menswear: Zeglio Custom Clothier

Photographer: Honey Photographs

Venue: Ethereal Gardens

Coordinator, designer & stylists: Angel Tan

Hair: 1904 Men’s Refinery