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October 26, 2018

Fashion Friday: Winter Weddings

By Suzi Battaile

Stylish Winter Weddings

Guest Post by Lesly White from

Winter Weddings

While many women love the idea of a wedding in the spring or summer, some women are all about winter nuptials. First, you don’t have to worry about getting drenched in sweat and, secondly, there is something very romantic about getting married at the snowy background.
Granted, the wedding dress you’ll want to wear in the winter will be quite different from the one you’d wear in the summer. Before you think that you will have to wear a dress made of fur, consider the following options for your winter wedding.

Winter Weddings

A long-sleeve lace wedding dress: We understand that you want to stay warm and the good news is that there are wedding dresses that will help you to do that. Long sleeve wedding dresses do exist and they’re more beautiful than you would think. If you want to wear a delicate looking dress that makes you look feminine and bridal yet doesn’t sacrifice on warmth, consider a wedding dress with lace on the sleeves. It’s not only beautifully delicate, but also provides your body with protection against the cold.
A two-piece wedding dress: Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t bare your midriff. If you like two-piece wedding dresses, you can still choose your favorite style for the winter. Just make sure that it has long sleeves so that you can stay warm on your special day.
A wedding dress with a cape: A long sleeve dress may not be enough to keep you warm when your wedding is outside, so consider the idea of wearing your favorite wedding dress along with a pure white cape. You won’t just look extremely fashionable, but will also be sure in staying warm, no matter what happens.

Winter Weddings

Tips For Finding Your Winter Wedding Dress
It will take up much time to find a dress, which will be suitable for the winter and, at the same time, will be flattering for your body. But it is possible. After all, you aren’t the only bride, who considers that a winter wonderland is the perfect setting for your wedding. So, the choice will be pretty large.
Whatever reason you have for getting married in the winter, there are some things to keep in mind when looking for your winter wedding dress. For example:

Winter Weddings

Consider investing in a wool wedding dress. Don’t think that if a dress is made out of wool, it’s going to be thick and frumpy. You can find gorgeous wool dresses that have been designed with delicacy and femininity in mind. In fact, it’s probably the best idea to look for a dress that will keep you warm on your big day.
What kind of shoes will you need to wear with the dress? When searching for the wedding dress, keep in mind that you will need to consider the shoes you’ll be wearing. After all, if you plan on being outdoors in the snow for your wedding or, at least, for the photo shoot, you may not want to wear open-toed high-heels. See if you can find a dress that will pair nicely with a closed shoe or at least one that will hide the snow boots you’re rocking underneath.
Don’t be afraid of accessorizing. The nice thing about winter weddings is that you can dress up even more than you could for a summer wedding. You can adorn your wedding dress with an attractive cape or go for a crop top “jacket.” Winter weddings are perfect for doing things differently.

Winter Weddings

As you prepare for your wedding day in the winter, rest assured that it is going to be beautiful. While you may think that a winter wedding could limit your options in dresses, you’d be surprised at how much you can actually do with a winter wedding look.


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