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November 1, 2011

Trending Tuesday

By sdwedding

Boudoir Photography

A trend that has been getting more and more popular is boudoir photo sessions. They make great gifts for your groom and are a lot of fun.

Kimberlee West of The Boudoir Divas shared three of her favorite boudoir photo session trends with us, and we are sharing with you!

by Kimberlee West, The Boudoir Divas Incorporated 

As we all know by now, the boudoir photo shoot is the ‘must-do’ trend for brides right now.  The shoot itself is an opportunity for her to show off her sexy side, giving herself a day of pampering before her big day.  Of course, there’s also the boudoir party concept – the perfect bachelorette party idea, where the bride lets the entire bridal party in on the fun.  And last but not least, I guess we probably ought to mention the groom, too, right?  Can’t you just picture his face as he opens his groom’s gift that you’ve had delivered to him on the morning of the wedding?   Imagine his reaction as he opens this little black box, and opens it up to reveal the most beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous photos of his bride!  This is absolutely the best gift you could ever give your groom. 

We always like to take notice of trends with our clients, and here are just a few of the trends we’re seeing these days with bridal boudoir:

Trend #1: Something Blue
The first thing we have seen a lot lately is brides bringing in accessories and outfits that pertain to her wedding day.  We’ve even had clients bring in their wedding-day lingerie!  If you don’t want to wear your bridal lingerie, another great option is to bring in some of the accessories that you’re going to wear on your big day.  For example, we have seen some amazing birdcage veils, flower hairpieces, beautiful earrings and wedding jewelry with our boudoir shoots.  And who could resist strutting their stuff in a pair of wedding high heels (especially if you have an amazing pair of Louboutins!)  Whether you bring in your wedding lingerie, heels, or even just your wedding day garter, your groom will love the extra thought you put into your bridal boudoir session.  Adding a little something that relates to your wedding will just make these images even that much more special!

Trend #2:  Get all “glammed-up!”
A bridal boudoir shoot is the perfect time to go ‘all-out’ with your hair and makeup styling.  It’s the perfect opportunity to look like a Supermodel for a Day, and the best part is that you get to keep these amazing photos as proof – to remind yourself of how gorgeous you are! With makeup, we have found that what works best is dramatic, smoky eyes, mixed with strong foundation.  Keep in mind that your photographer will most likely be working with studio lighting for your boudoir shoot and that means that you’ll need to go a lot heavier on your makeup than your everyday look.  Photography studio lights are quite powerful, and they often tend to wash out your face, so make sure your makeup artist has had experience in doing makeup specifically for boudoir photo shoots.  One last ‘must-have’ for your shoot: false eyelashes!  These may seem over-the-top, but believe us, they will make your eyes pop, and they are so worth it.  The biggest hair trend we’re seeing for boudoir right now is simply BIG hair!  Our favorite hair and makeup artists love doing big, loose curls, and lots of teasing to get the perfect “Victoria’s Secret model” look.  Add a fan during your photo shoot and some hot poses, and your hubby-to-be will probably start to wonder whether you actually ARE a model for the Victoria’s Secret catalogs!

Trend #3:  Subtly sexy
A lot of brides out there are a bit nervous about showing too much skin, and we want to stress the fact that you don’t necessarily need to ‘bare all’ with your boudoir shoot.  A lot of our clients would prefer to be photographed in a sexy dress or something a little less revealing, and that is just fine!  Another good way to give subtle hints of sexiness is to have your photographer take some of your photos on a bed.  As Ashley Sapp, photographer at the Boudoir Divas studio said, “using the bed for your photos is a good way to be super sexy without showing too much; we have some amazing poses that show off a gal’s best assets, while still remaining very classy.” 

Above all, just remember who these photos are for: your GROOM!  He is going to love them, no matter what type of outfit you are in or what your hair and makeup looks like.  He is only going to be thinking one thing: “I am the luckiest man in the world, and I can’t believe that I am about to marry this woman!”

Check out these photo samples submitted to SDSW! 

The Boudoir Divas

The Boudoir Divas

The Boudoir Divas

Studio Carré Photography

Studio Carré Photography

Couture Boudoir by Critsey Rowe