Photographer Round-Up

by: Abby Barenholtz

Spotlight Studios
Contact: Kyla Santillano
Phone: (619) 955-8062
Favorite tip: Find a lip stain for your bridal make-up, as you will do more kissing and drinking that any other day. The best part about Southern California Weddings is we can go to the beach all year long! There are so many amazing venues to choose from, any style for your wedding imaginable. My photography is fun, talented, creative, friendly, and fashionable! My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,800.

Leah Marie Photography
Contact: Leah Faddis and Marcella Caldwell
Phone: (888) 958-3568
Favorite tip: Decide on the vendors that matter most to you and don’t cut corners with them. Find creative ways to stay within budget in other areas. Southern California weddings are the best because we have great weather, awesome venues and lots of tourist attractions for your guests to enjoy if they want to turn it into a vacation. At Leah Marie Photography, we’re fun, natural, romantic, modern and elegant. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,400 for The Studio and $4,400 for Leah or Marcella.

Bob Hoffman Photography & Video
Contact: Thelma Gomez
Phone: (858) 576-0046
Favorite tip: It’s worth it to book an engagement session with your photographer. Not only will you have beautiful photos to announce your upcoming wedding, but you will also experience your photographer beforehand so you will feel more comfortable on the big day. The weather in SoCal is perfect almost every day so there is never a bad time to plan a wedding in SoCal! I’m creative, an artist, professional, warm and genuine. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $1,995.

Studio Freyja
Contact: Johanna
Phone: (612) 655-4991
Favorite tip: Pinterest is great for inspiration and ideas, but remember that your wedding is unique to you and your partner so while it’s great for inspiration, turn it into something that’s personal to you. Don’t expect to replicate Pinterest images exactly as your surroundings, your time of day and your personality will make it look different.  What I like best about Southern California Weddings is how you can have so many different settings and scenarios for different weddings. I’ve shot anything from barefoot beach weddings, to intimate cottage weddings in the woods, to big formal ballroom weddings. There are no limitations for the type of wedding you envision here in Southern California. I’m Swedish, fun, easy going, professional and caring. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,600.

WASIO Photography
Contact: Yaneck & Sasha
Phone: (773) 510-4474
Favorite tip: Plan well (yourself or with a wedding planner) your wedding timeline and details but on the wedding day don’t stress about little things, just enjoy the day and go with the flow. Southern California Weddings make for the best outdoor weddings in gorgeous environments without needing a Plan B in case it rains! We’re personable, creative, meticulous, timeless, and experts at our craft. Our Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,900.

Holly Ireland Photography
Contact: Holly Ireland
Phone: (760) 715-0807
Favorite tip: Don’t sweat the small stuff on your wedding day. We see often stress on wedding day over small things that happen. Yes there might be a bridesmaid dress that rips, flowers that aren’t the exact white you wanted or a family member couldn’t make it etc. In the end this is your day enjoy it all. Don’t let the little things get in the way of one of the most amazing moments of your life. What I like best about Southern California weddings is the  weather! We are so lucky to live here and shoot weddings year round. Even if it rains it will only be for a moment and that makes it exciting. Our photography is creative, timeless, touching, elegant and fun! My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,499.

Cricket Estrada Photographs | Films
Contact: Cricket Estrada
Phone: (858) 222-2196
Favorite tip: Don’t sell yourself short with anything less than all day coverage. My job, as is every photographer, is to capture and tell the story of your wedding day. Your story is comprised of moments that do not happen in a fixed amount of time. They happen all day. I like that Southern California weddings are so beautiful. I’m fun, down to earth and creative. My wedding photography packages start at $900.

Honey Photographs
Contact: Alyss Charles
Phone: (760) 470-2779
Favorite tip: Consider a first look! In an otherwise crowded and busy day, this is when you get 10-15 minutes to just hang out — laugh together, cry together, and just be together. Your man gets the space and freedom to feel his emotions and gaze upon his gorgeous bride. You get the time to check out your soon-to-behubby and show off your stunning dress. And best yet? You get all of those joyful, candid moments caught on camera. Whether you crave the salt of the ocean, the breeze of a mountaintop, or the warmth of the desert, Southern California delivers many options for gorgeous backdrops to your wedding! My friends describe me as passionate, excitable, loving, fun and intentional. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,400.

Blessed Wedding Photography
Contact: Anna Johnson
Phone: (619) 518-4857
Favorite tip: It’s so important to ask to see a REAL full wedding gallery of images, this will allow you to know how a photography company shoots under the pressure of a wedding day when time is limited. What is not to like about Southern California Weddings? Our weather is amazing year round and you can get from Beach, mountains and city all within 45 minutes of each other. I’m organized, fun, caring, compassionate and creative. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $3,800.

Jessica Jaccarino Photography
Contact: Jessica Jaccarino
Phone: (646) 715-6223
Favorite tip: You generally get what you pay for. You will always be able to find a cheaper photographer but it’s important to understand that a photographer that cost more will most likely give you a better end result, be more organized day of and give you the confidence to look and feel your best on your wedding day. The dreamy light, the incredibly talented vendors, the gorgeous  venues and the weather are why I love Southern California Weddings. Based on some of my reviews, I’m organized, unpretentious, professional, talented, and timeless. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $3,000.

Eisenhower Photography
Contact: Julie Eisenhower
Phone: (858) 761-6996
Favorite tip: You hear people laugh about “resting face” – sometimes people frown without intending to do so when they’re not posing. During those moments when you know the camera is on you but you don’t want to look, think of an inside joke and laugh a little to yourself. Your friends will love seeing you happy throughout the day, and the candids will look that much better. What I like best about Southern California Weddings are the abundance of flowers and people’s positive attitudes! At Eisenhower Photography, we’re artful, joyful, sentimental, relaxed, and genuine. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,900 (or $2,600 if you tell us you read this article)!

Memories and Promises Photography
Contact: Sean and Shannon Cox
Phone: (949) 463-1264
Favorite tip: Trust your photographer. You hired a professional for their style and their art. Now it’s time to enjoy your special day and allow them to do the rest. What we love about Southern California is that there are so many options for brides and grooms with venues and locations. From the soft sands of the beach that ends with a beautiful sunset, to the local mountains for your winter wonderland escape or the Temecula Valley vineyards, the options are virtually endless. All of these choices provide unique, unforgettable wedding day experiences with memories we will capture that will last a lifetime. We’re fun, artistic, thoughtful, easy and professional. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,750.

Contact: Kamrin Olavarria
Phone: (425) 829-7129
Favorite tip: Take some time during sunset for some couples portraits. The couple is always so much more relaxed after the ceremony and the light is GORGEOUS. I don’t like to keep my couples away from their party, so I usually just take them for 10 minutes during the reception. It’s always worth it!! Southern California has the best light and beautiful landscape for weddings! Aesthetically, I am so inspired here and authentic taco trucks are also a huge plus. I’ve been described as animated, happy, caring, creative and fun. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,750.

Paul Barnett Photography
Contact: Paul Barnett
Phone: (619) 285-1207
Favorite tip: Print your photos! So many photos these days are sitting in cyberspace or on a flash drive somewhere. Photos are at their best when you print them! I love that you can hold a wedding in Southern California any time of the year. I am precise, quick, effortless, gregarious, and fun! My Wedding Photography Packages start at $3,000.

Jay Resh Photography
Contact: Jay Resh
Phone: (619) 804-3427
Favorite tip: Select a friend or family member to help organize group photos. Someone familiar with both sides of the family, or one person from each side. This will speed up the process, while allowing you to focus solely on the images. There are so many beautiful venues here in SoCal. With so many types of geography within such a small proximity, venue options and photography styles seems endless. No matter what time of the year it is, you can be sure that there will be amazing options  for your wedding location! I am friendly, caring, helpful, artistic and genuine. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $1,650.

Jones Photography Company
Contact: Julie and Jonathan Jones
Phone: (970) 420-6497
Favorite tip: Review your timeline with your photographer the week of your wedding. Your photographers have a great depth of experience and can work with you to ensure that you get to really be present at your event. You would be amazed at how just a little change in the timeline can suddenly free you up to spend more time with your friends and family. Also details in your wedding day can shift slightly leading up to your day, be flexible! We are. We are beyond luck to have the best couples find us in Southern California. Not only are they the BIGGEST lovers, but they are living life in the moment and to the fullest! We are adventurous, creative, dynamic, innovative, and dedicated. Our Wedding Photography Packages start at $1,800.


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