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Guest Accommodations

Treat Them Right

By: Kristen Castillo Guests arriving from out of town are likely to be exhausted after a day of traveling to your wedding location. Delays, inclement weather, or early morning flights can really do a number on a traveler’s energy level. Perk them up with a basket...

Warm Welcome

By: Merry Mayor When you think about it, the main goal of all the days filled with planning the perfect wedding and reception is to make great memories for you, your families and your guests. But some guests deserve extra special attention—namely those that have...

The 10 Commandments of Graciousness

By: Kathryn Bechen Today’s weddings are beautifully celebrated in a variety of sizes, themes and styles, but there’s one thing that never goes out of style: good manners and respect. So we’ve come up with the “Ten Commandments” of how to be a gracious host and...


Your Ultimate Southern California Wedding Guide

Whether you're looking for the latest trends in decor, themes, or floral arrangements, this section is your go-to resource for creative concepts that will make your wedding truly stand out.

Dive into this treasure trove of inspiration to find unique elements that resonate with your vision and elevate your big day to a masterpiece of personal expression.