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January 18, 2017

Say “I Do” To A Successful Honeymoon Experience

By Adam

10 Reasons Why Working with a Qualified Travel Consultant Is the Best Honeymoon Decision You’ll Ever Make
By: Becky Gillespie – Kahal Travel

Eisenhower Photography

How much time did you spend searching the internet for your last getaway?  Probably a few hours wading through websites – and that was just for a 2-day trip to Palm Springs. Imagine the amount of time you could spend researching your honeymoon – the most special vacation of your lifetime – and it turns into a part-time job.  A travel consultant has all the information at their fingertips to do the searching for you and find the best option.

If you have ever worked with a personal shopper, you know the value of having someone who knows you, knows your preferences, knows your price range and who will help you pull together that perfect outfit.  Travel consultants are your personal travel shoppers – they get to know you, your likes and dislikes, and even the little details that would make for your perfect getaway all within your budget.

When was the last time you went to a 3-hour seminar on the island of St. Lucia or traveled to Tahiti so you could check     out all the hotels first hand?  If you answered “never”, then you probably only have a superficial knowledge of a destination.  Travel consultants get constant updates on the destinations, resorts and cruise lines through first-hand travel experience, seminars and special emails just for the travel industry.  Consultants take pride in their knowledge and keeping current in their areas of expertise.  Considering you probably don’t have the time to put in more than 100 hours of study for each place on your honeymoon list, it’s best to turn to the experts.

There is no shortage of information on hotels and resorts.  From review websites to family and friends, everyone has their opinion. However, chances are that the friend from second grade that you found on Facebook has very different tastes in vacations than you.  Unlike review sites and even friends, a travel consultant is focused on finding the right location for you.

The saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more true than when booking your honeymoon.  Everyone wants the best possible deal for their honeymoon, but sometimes the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best “deal”, especially if that lowest price ends up being a room with two twin beds in a sketchy part of town.  Your travel consultant has access to a myriad of resources and will help find the best options to get you the amenities you desire at the best price possible.
Eisenhower Photography
Do you need vaccinations for hiking the Inca Trail? Will you be able to charge your iPad on the ship sailing the Greek Isles?  Your travel consultant will know all these answers and more about the places you are heading on your honeymoon.  From climate/weather conditions, currency exchange rates, visa requirements and even whether or not a hotel has WIFI, travel consultants will make sure you are well-informed before you leave.

Although no one likes to think about it, what do you do if something goes wrong?  You have someone on your team when you have a travel consultant. If the airline cancels the flight to your destination, your travel consultant will work to get you rebooked so you are not waiting in line or waiting on hold on the phone.   Or you get to your hotel and the ocean view room you reserved looks out to the parking lot – your travel consultant will straighten it out while you relax on the beach.  Why waste your valuable honeymoon time when someone else can take care of it for you?

When was the last time you were greeted by name on arrival by the hotel manager?  Everyone wants to be treated royally on their honeymoon.  But how do you get that treatment when you are just another name on the hotel’s guest list?  That’s where a travel consultant comes in!  Travel consultants spend time cultivating relationships with hotels and cruise lines so that they can offer special perks to their clients and notify the resorts when they have clients heading on vacation. Anyone ready for some free champagne?

The number one reason people don’t use a travel consultant is because they believe it will be much more expensive than planning a trip on their own.  Surprisingly, that is not the case.  The rates that travel consultants get for flights, hotels and cruise packages are competitive with what you find online. While some consultants do charge a nominal fee for their work (about the same amount you might spend for a lunch or dinner out), the benefits that come with using a qualified travel consultant far outweigh the minimal cost – particularly when planning the trip of a lifetime.

With all the work you are doing putting together your wedding, couldn’t you use a little pampering?  Treat yourself to a travel consultant – go ahead, you deserve it!