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Southern Charm

Tabletop & Design Inspiration

Stirred by the inspiration and charm of the South, this stylized shoot on location in Temecula wine country was at once much and captivating. The look was inspired by the soft sherbet tones of pure white innocence, fresh peach and subtle pale pinks all set off by the cerulean blue luster on the table.

The overall essence of this theme was capture int he flowers and table settings. With loos instructed blooms, the alluring paper suite, and a combination of pottery and vintage glass, we were able to portray what a romantic southern afternoon might feel like.

The dessert backdrop, a drifting ribbon wall of the same soft color palette encased in an oversized gilded frame invoked perfect southern hospitality displaying a three tired cake draped with delicate kumquats, fresh juicy peaches and luscious roses. the life size frame became a romantic photo opportunity for two to share a dreamy kiss.

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