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by: Abby Barenholtz

Spotlight Studios
Contact: Kyla Santillano
Phone: (619) 955-8062
Favorite tip: Find a lip stain for your bridal make-up, as you will do more kissing and drinking that any other day. The best part about Southern California Weddings is we can go to the beach all year long! There are so many amazing venues to choose from, any style for your wedding imaginable. My photography is fun, talented, creative, friendly, and fashionable! My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,800.

Leah Marie Photography
Contact: Leah Faddis and Marcella Caldwell
Phone: (888) 958-3568
Favorite tip: Decide on the vendors that matter most to you and don’t cut corners with them. Find creative ways to stay within budget in other areas. Southern California weddings are the best because we have great weather, awesome venues and lots of tourist attractions for your guests to enjoy if they want to turn it into a vacation. At Leah Marie Photography, we’re fun, natural, romantic, modern and elegant. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,400 for The Studio and $4,400 for Leah or Marcella.

Bob Hoffman Photography & Video
Contact: Thelma Gomez
Phone: (858) 576-0046
Favorite tip: It’s worth it to book an engagement session with your photographer. Not only will you have beautiful photos to announce your upcoming wedding, but you will also experience your photographer beforehand so you will feel more comfortable on the big day. The weather in SoCal is perfect almost every day so there is never a bad time to plan a wedding in SoCal! I’m creative, an artist, professional, warm and genuine. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $1,995.

Studio Freyja
Contact: Johanna
Phone: (612) 655-4991
Favorite tip: Pinterest is great for inspiration and ideas, but remember that your wedding is unique to you and your partner so while it’s great for inspiration, turn it into something that’s personal to you. Don’t expect to replicate Pinterest images exactly as your surroundings, your time of day and your personality will make it look different.  What I like best about Southern California Weddings is how you can have so many different settings and scenarios for different weddings. I’ve shot anything from barefoot beach weddings, to intimate cottage weddings in the woods, to big formal ballroom weddings. There are no limitations for the type of wedding you envision here in Southern California. I’m Swedish, fun, easy going, professional and caring. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,600.

WASIO Photography
Contact: Yaneck & Sasha
Phone: (773) 510-4474
Favorite tip: Plan well (yourself or with a wedding planner) your wedding timeline and details but on the wedding day don’t stress about little things, just enjoy the day and go with the flow. Southern California Weddings make for the best outdoor weddings in gorgeous environments without needing a Plan B in case it rains! We’re personable, creative, meticulous, timeless, and experts at our craft. Our Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,900.

Holly Ireland Photography
Contact: Holly Ireland
Phone: (760) 715-0807
Favorite tip: Don’t sweat the small stuff on your wedding day. We see often stress on wedding day over small things that happen. Yes there might be a bridesmaid dress that rips, flowers that aren’t the exact white you wanted or a family member couldn’t make it etc. In the end this is your day enjoy it all. Don’t let the little things get in the way of one of the most amazing moments of your life. What I like best about Southern California weddings is the  weather! We are so lucky to live here and shoot weddings year round. Even if it rains it will only be for a moment and that makes it exciting. Our photography is creative, timeless, touching, elegant and fun! My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,499.

Cricket Estrada Photographs | Films
Contact: Cricket Estrada
Phone: (858) 222-2196
Favorite tip: Don’t sell yourself short with anything less than all day coverage. My job, as is every photographer, is to capture and tell the story of your wedding day. Your story is comprised of moments that do not happen in a fixed amount of time. They happen all day. I like that Southern California weddings are so beautiful. I’m fun, down to earth and creative. My wedding photography packages start at $900.

Honey Photographs
Contact: Alyss Charles
Phone: (760) 470-2779
Favorite tip: Consider a first look! In an otherwise crowded and busy day, this is when you get 10-15 minutes to just hang out — laugh together, cry together, and just be together. Your man gets the space and freedom to feel his emotions and gaze upon his gorgeous bride. You get the time to check out your soon-to-behubby and show off your stunning dress. And best yet? You get all of those joyful, candid moments caught on camera. Whether you crave the salt of the ocean, the breeze of a mountaintop, or the warmth of the desert, Southern California delivers many options for gorgeous backdrops to your wedding! My friends describe me as passionate, excitable, loving, fun and intentional. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,400.

Blessed Wedding Photography
Contact: Anna Johnson
Phone: (619) 518-4857
Favorite tip: It’s so important to ask to see a REAL full wedding gallery of images, this will allow you to know how a photography company shoots under the pressure of a wedding day when time is limited. What is not to like about Southern California Weddings? Our weather is amazing year round and you can get from Beach, mountains and city all within 45 minutes of each other. I’m organized, fun, caring, compassionate and creative. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $3,800.

Jessica Jaccarino Photography
Contact: Jessica Jaccarino
Phone: (646) 715-6223
Favorite tip: You generally get what you pay for. You will always be able to find a cheaper photographer but it’s important to understand that a photographer that cost more will most likely give you a better end result, be more organized day of and give you the confidence to look and feel your best on your wedding day. The dreamy light, the incredibly talented vendors, the gorgeous  venues and the weather are why I love Southern California Weddings. Based on some of my reviews, I’m organized, unpretentious, professional, talented, and timeless. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $3,000.

Eisenhower Photography
Contact: Julie Eisenhower
Phone: (858) 761-6996
Favorite tip: You hear people laugh about “resting face” – sometimes people frown without intending to do so when they’re not posing. During those moments when you know the camera is on you but you don’t want to look, think of an inside joke and laugh a little to yourself. Your friends will love seeing you happy throughout the day, and the candids will look that much better. What I like best about Southern California Weddings are the abundance of flowers and people’s positive attitudes! At Eisenhower Photography, we’re artful, joyful, sentimental, relaxed, and genuine. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,900 (or $2,600 if you tell us you read this article)!

Memories and Promises Photography
Contact: Sean and Shannon Cox
Phone: (949) 463-1264
Favorite tip: Trust your photographer. You hired a professional for their style and their art. Now it’s time to enjoy your special day and allow them to do the rest. What we love about Southern California is that there are so many options for brides and grooms with venues and locations. From the soft sands of the beach that ends with a beautiful sunset, to the local mountains for your winter wonderland escape or the Temecula Valley vineyards, the options are virtually endless. All of these choices provide unique, unforgettable wedding day experiences with memories we will capture that will last a lifetime. We’re fun, artistic, thoughtful, easy and professional. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,750.

Contact: Kamrin Olavarria
Phone: (425) 829-7129
Favorite tip: Take some time during sunset for some couples portraits. The couple is always so much more relaxed after the ceremony and the light is GORGEOUS. I don’t like to keep my couples away from their party, so I usually just take them for 10 minutes during the reception. It’s always worth it!! Southern California has the best light and beautiful landscape for weddings! Aesthetically, I am so inspired here and authentic taco trucks are also a huge plus. I’ve been described as animated, happy, caring, creative and fun. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,750.

Paul Barnett Photography
Contact: Paul Barnett
Phone: (619) 285-1207
Favorite tip: Print your photos! So many photos these days are sitting in cyberspace or on a flash drive somewhere. Photos are at their best when you print them! I love that you can hold a wedding in Southern California any time of the year. I am precise, quick, effortless, gregarious, and fun! My Wedding Photography Packages start at $3,000.

Jay Resh Photography
Contact: Jay Resh
Phone: (619) 804-3427
Favorite tip: Select a friend or family member to help organize group photos. Someone familiar with both sides of the family, or one person from each side. This will speed up the process, while allowing you to focus solely on the images. There are so many beautiful venues here in SoCal. With so many types of geography within such a small proximity, venue options and photography styles seems endless. No matter what time of the year it is, you can be sure that there will be amazing options  for your wedding location! I am friendly, caring, helpful, artistic and genuine. My Wedding Photography Packages start at $1,650.

Jones Photography Company
Contact: Julie and Jonathan Jones
Phone: (970) 420-6497
Favorite tip: Review your timeline with your photographer the week of your wedding. Your photographers have a great depth of experience and can work with you to ensure that you get to really be present at your event. You would be amazed at how just a little change in the timeline can suddenly free you up to spend more time with your friends and family. Also details in your wedding day can shift slightly leading up to your day, be flexible! We are. We are beyond luck to have the best couples find us in Southern California. Not only are they the BIGGEST lovers, but they are living life in the moment and to the fullest! We are adventurous, creative, dynamic, innovative, and dedicated. Our Wedding Photography Packages start at $1,800.

By: Kristen Castillo

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding day all your life. Now the big day is approaching and you want to capture every special moment with top notch photography. Photography technology is getting better and better all the time which means you and your groom will benefit big time with amazing images and an album that showcases your wedding in style.
432_250_Art_Bridal Party-0012
Digital Days
Just five years ago, photographers were divided about digital. Some relied strictly on film; some shot exclusively in the digital format; others shot a little bit of both formats. Nowadays, digital dominates the field of photography, especially when it comes to covering weddings. “Digital is far superior in workability,” says Paul Douda of AP Studios. “You’re able to take thousands of pictures.” With digital, photographers can shoot lots of images quickly and they’ll get results on the spot. Digital allows a photographer to shoot as many images as he wants and to see the results right away, which is a great way to make sure he gets the shot he needs. Shooting on film isn’t so easy or so rewarding in the moment. After all, film is expensive, must be kept in a controlled climate and needs to be developed after the wedding. Film is more time consuming and not as user-friendly as digital. “Digital has given us a lot better quality and flexibility with what you can do with the end product,” says Betsy McCue of La Vida Creations Photography. Digital technology means photographers can review photos during the event and change direction if needed. More light? Less light? Different composition? With digital, photographers can download images to their computer and start tweaking images, such as cropping and color correcting, right away. With film, images need to be developed and then scanned for editing.
432_251_Art_Bridal Party-0020
Photo Style
“When it comes to shooting, it’s become a mixture of photojournalism with fashion,” says Lynnette Coalson of Abiding Image: Photography by Lynnette Coalson. “You see a lot of brides and grooms turning into models the day of their wedding for their portrait sessions.”

Modern photography styles are more varied than ever. Photographers used to shoot portraits and posed shots as their primary focus. But that’s changed with the times. Now photographers are creative and less structured about their craft and they work with brides and grooms to shoot the ceremony and reception in a style that’s suitable to the happy couple.

“Most people know what they want,” says Yasmine Wooten of Photography by DeShun who says un-staged, un-posed photos are the most popular wedding style. Many couples crave candid photos. The style is all about capturing people and events in an un-posed manner such as guests laughing while dancing or kids having fun eating wedding cake. “Different times call for different styles,” says Douda who tailors his shooting to the mood of the moment.

After all, the ceremony is more serious than the cake cutting and a photographer knows how to approach each moment with the right emotion and style of shooting. Photojournalism is a popular style of photography where images are captured as they happen in an unplanned fashion. There are no do-overs or posed shots with photojournalism. Think of a photojournalistic photographer as someone who documents the moments of the day the same way a news photographer would document a news event in an unobtrusive, fly-on-the-wall approach.

“What attracts people to us is a photojournalistic, relaxed portrait style,” says McCue. “It’s all about capturing connections to people.” No matter what style your photographer uses, make sure you’re comfortable with the shooter and his style. Consider an engagement session with your photographer to increase your understanding of how the photographer works. McCue often includes an engagement session in a photograph package to “build trust and get the couple comfortable with us,” she says.
432_249_Art_Bridal Party-0011
Incredible Editing
“Couples really want digital effects,” says Wooten. “Brides and grooms are looking for bright colors by increasing saturation, black and white contrast to look glamorous and darks are really dark,” says Wooten. “Darkened edges really center the focus and pop a little more.”

Images can be edited digitally with more pizzazz than ever. It takes a lot of time, but the payoff is worth the effort. “There is a lot that goes into post-production,” says McCue. “Basically for every hour you shoot, you have two hours of post-production.” Photographers like Wooten shoot lots of photos at each event. She and her husband DeShun shoot about 1000 to 1500 photos per wedding. Then they review those images and decide which ones are the best. “Every single picture the bride and groom sees is edited,” she says. “Every picture is important. It should be finished.”

Douda agrees, saying he delivers between 400 and 600 images for each wedding he shoots. “Every image gets processed,” he says. “Taking a whole bunch of pictures allows me to work the scene.”
Online Services
Once images are edited and finalized for review and purchase, they’re ready to be enjoyed by couples and their guests. These days, technology allows photographers to share the images online through web portfolios on sites such as and

“You can view and order online and guests can leave comments or view a slideshow too,” says Wooten who uses Zenfolio. “It’s really beautiful.”

“It’s such a great service to our couples,” says Pictage user McCue. “We put all the images online and they’re ready to go.” Online services allow couples to enjoy their wedding images any time they want (You can check the pictures while on your honeymoon, at your office or at home in your pajamas!) Plus you can proof pictures, order prints online, and view a slideshow of images.

The best part of online images? “The bride and groom don’t have to manage ordering for their family and friends,” says McCue. “Plus guests get to see the pictures.” McCue says she and her husband Jeff, give brides and grooms event cards on the wedding day to be distributed to guests. The 3 inch by 5 inch event cards provide login info for online photos. “We tell the story of their day through photos and use our blog to share what we enjoyed about the day,” says McCue.
Amazing Albums
After the images are shot, edited and proofed, the next step is creating a fashionable album. Albums are usually completed within six weeks. “We pre-design albums for couples,” says McCue. “We give them a starting point, choose images we feel tell the story, and then they can go through and swap out the images.”

“The album is presented online in a slideshow process,” says McCue who notes all proofing is done online. She says each album spread comes out as one print which is printed on a flush mount, leather-bound album.

By: Kristen Castillo

You know what you want from your wedding photography. You’ve got pages ripped from magazines and websites and you’re planning your wedding album. Now you have to convey your photography wish list to the professional photographer who’s going to make it all happen.
Shot Sheets
There are certain shots every bride wants such as her walking down the aisle, dancing the first dance and the bouquet toss. But in between there are lots of other photo opportunities to be had. You’ve got to trust your photographer to use his or her instincts to capture all the golden moments and to work with you to figure out your other must-have shots.
Since your photographer isn’t going to read your mind, you need to envision your day and get a sense of what you want. Maybe you crave lots of candid moments or maybe you really want some nice family portraits with your parents and siblings.
Wedding photos with the family are often very important. “It’s virtually the only time everyone will be together,” says Brett Charles Rose of Brett Charles Rose Photography who tries to shoot a shot of the entire group.
“It’s their day,” says Rose. “There’s no status quo. It’s whatever they want.”
A shot list is a guide to help a photographer not miss any important photos.
“Prepare a list so we run down the checklist,” says John Schnack of Schnack Studios. “It also helps everyone who needs to be photographed – they know where they need to be.”
A shot sheet can be helpful but it can also be cumbersome if a photographer feels tied to the checklist. Don’t forget – a must-have list should be helpful, not a distraction. After all, you want your photographer to be able to shoot your event creatively without worrying about focusing on your checklist.
Good Communication
Your must-have list means nothing without an extensive conversation with your photographer. You need to explain what shots you want and what shots you don’t. Let him or her know who the important people are at the event and give your photographer a chance to ask you questions or share photo insights with you.
“If the bride and groom can be open and honest with the photographer, it’s always good,” says Schnack who says he’s always going to cover the basics such as the cake cutting or the first dance, but if a couple wants a specific shot, they should tell him in advance.
“The more a bride and groom can tell a photographer what they want, the better a photographer can do on the day,” says Schnack.
Aaron Thompson of AS Photography agrees, saying he recommends brides and grooms spend time during the consultation discussing expectations. “It should be a detailed process, not just a list,” he says.
Talk about what kinds of images you want and what’s reasonable for the photographer. Your photography time table on your wedding day will be limited so you need to be efficient. Rose says it’s best to allow at least two hours for preparation photos and one hour for post-ceremony photos.
It’s always a good idea to give your photographer as much information as possible, especially regarding small details. For example, if you want photos of each centerpiece, the buttons on your gown or notes in your guest book, tell your photographer your preferences before the big day.
Personalized Photos
Your must-have shots will be different from another couple’s preferences, but that’s good. It means you’re personalizing your event and images to reflect your style.
There are so many photos to shoot like the father-daughter dance, silhouettes of the couple after the ceremony, and dancing fun with the wedding party. Others include detail shots such as close-ups of rings, holding hands, glowing candles on the cake table and images of the bride’s veil, shoes or flowers.
The possibilities are huge and it’s up to you and your photographer to choose which images you really want and can successfully capture.
For example, brides often want to see the exchange of rings in photos, but typically the ceremony set-up makes that tough to shoot.
Rose suggests the bride faces toward the guests when the groom puts the ring on her hand. “If you want that close-up,” says Rose, “Face your hand out a little toward the crowd.”
One photo that’s a must-have is that first kiss. It’s a sweet moment to treasure. Make sure the tender smooch lasts long enough to be snapped on camera.
“Hold the kiss,” says Rose. “It’s all about you two people, so hold that kiss.”
Simplify the Scene
Be as organized as possible to get the best results. Let your photographer know if you’ll have a professional coordinator or someone else to assist you during the photos. Your coordinator may organize all the people you want in photos such as your bridesmaids, all your college friends or all your co-workers.
You’ll make your photographer’s job easier by helping him out with your set-up.
“Get ready in a nice space,” says Rose. “It’s money well spent to try to find something close to the spot where you’re getting married.”
If everyone can get ready at one place such as a certain hotel, the photographer can concentrate on shooting the preparations rather than driving from location to location to shoot one element of the preparations such as the groom getting dressed.
“We can get the details of the bride getting ready and the groom getting ready and we can do it all over the property,” says Rose.
Photo Finish
Part of deciding your must-have photo list is making sure you’re working with the right photographer.
“Get to know your photographer,” advises Rose. “With my clients, I want to hang out with them, so on the wedding day, it’s just Brett behind the camera. It’s really a personality thing.”
You need to click with the person who’s going to be documenting your day from the little details to the big picture.
“The client needs to search for a photographer who matches them and takes good photos,” explains Thompson. “You have to look extensively at their portfolio to see if it meets your expectations.”
Interact with the photographer so you get a sense of how he or she works their craft. An engagement session should help you get to know your photographer better.
“An engagement session gives you a trial run before the wedding,” says Thompson. “It’s an opportunity for the bride and the groom to get to know me.”
Look for wedding photo inspiration by browsing your photographer’s portfolio and reviewing images in magazines and online. Share your preferences with your photographer and your wedding day will be camera-ready.

San Diego Style Weddings is always looking for the area’s best wedding vendors and we love to showcase the new companies in our illustrious network that can help your every need. Below is a rundown of the newest installation of what you can find in the SDSW network of professionals.

Allie Marion Photography

Allie Marion Photography
Your wedding day should be fun and Allie Marion and her team are prepared to tell the authentic story of the couple and their day. She also wants to be able to give her couples accurate documentation of each special moment that illustrates the emotions being felt during that time. They also pride themselves on making sure everyone from your flower girl to the father of the bride understands the poses so no one feels uncomfortable. Ultimately, she loves seeing her couples having fun! Their #1 goal is to saturate every possible highlight, detail, and activity from the day to make sure your memories can be cherished for years to come.

Amber Silva Makeup Artist
Amber has spent her career figuring out her style, and her favorite has become the natural makeup look. Natural or Natural Glam are her specialty. She became a makeup artist because she wanted to help people find that Natural Glam/Bohemian look. She discovered the Bohemian look first working at a makeup counter and her mentor who pulled it off flawlessly inspired her. Since starting her own business, she has perfected the art of flawlessly blended but layered makeup to make you look perfect on your day.

Annemarie Donaker Events
Having a wedding coordinator can be a great advantage. You get to have all of the fun without nearly as much stress! One great option is to work with Native San Diegan, Annemarie Donaker, who is familiar with the best venues around town! Annemari has been planning parties and corporate events for more than 20 years. She wanted to make it a career and really enjoys seeing her work pay off at fabulous events! Annemari is also excited to plan other events leading up to the wedding and making sure your entire experience is flawless. With an extensive history of vendor management, every single detail of your wedding will be taken care of so on the big day, you’ll be stress free!

Can Ham Photo Booth
Looking for a photo booth but want a cool twist? Then you need to check out Can Ham Photo Booth. Operating out of a 1956 vintage Shasta camper trailer, it’s a photo booth on wheels that can come to any location you desire! The software they use is aesthetically more of a draw to people who are used to using apple tech and doing a lot of social sharing. They can add your custom hashtag or a custom monogram on all photo strips to distinguish your wedding even more. Their photo booth is very mobile user friendly with a sleek redesign to it. This repurposed vintage camper photo booth is sure to be a hit at your wedding!

EC Stylebar
Starting with the concept that being mobile is necessary these days for busy professionals, moms, and brides among others, Kaitlyn of EC Stylebar was realizing it’s become more difficult to take time for you. They can come to any location for any reason. For the brides, they can pull up right outside your house or venue. This one stop shop can do your hair, nails, and makeup from their portable Stylebar. Take the hassle out of trying to find different vendors to come to you and check out EC Stylebar for all of your styling needs.


Hilton San Diego Resort
Looking for a true San Diego feel to your wedding? Look no further! At the Hilton San Diego Resort, you can get married on the beach right next to the ocean for that “sand between your toes” vibe. If you don’t want to worry about sand getting on your gorgeous wedding gown, they have multiple options for ceremony sites. You can get married under palm trees in the garden or they also have a poolside option.  No matter where you are on the property, you’ll have that wonderful bay breeze floating through your ceremony. As an added bonus, they also offer onsite catering and have an AV team on property for custom lighting for your reception or ceremony!

JLH Blooms
Peonies, roses, and lilies, oh my! There are so many options for florists and floral designs that it can be difficult to decide what you are looking for. At JLH Blooms, they are design minded and can see the whole picture of your wedding day. Starting with a communication guarantee, you will have peace of mind that you can send suggestions and your blooms will show up, as fabulously as promised. Offering completely custom packages, each package is designed specifically for you based on what you are looking for. They are not afraid to take on a challenge and are constantly living up to those challenges! Being transparent in the way that they do business has led to a reliable track record that has left many couples extremely happy and in awe of the gorgeous blooms around their wedding!

Krystal Productions
At Krystal Productions, they do both photography and videography so its two vendors in one! Their team of photographers and videographers are ready to document your day and catch every special moment. They also do Engagement shoots and rehearsal dinners, and offer a wide variety of packages. There is also an option for customized packages as well, work within your budget.

SGM Events
Looking for your reception entertainment but having a hard time deciding what you want? Look no further! SGM Events is the only fully licensed agency in the city of San Diego. They have bands, DJs, acoustic artists, and even an illusionist! One perk of working with SGM Events is that you can go check out a DJ or band live at a bar or club in the San Diego area, and get the full SGM experience before booking. Some of their acts have been actively in the industry for over a decade with SGM Events so they know how to be the life of the party! your own Signature Ice Cream Sandwich for your wedding! With an assortment of popular flavors, this is sure to please a variety of guests!!

Elegance On Display
Fresh baked to order? Doesn’t get much better than that! With a storefront solely for the purpose of tastings and consultations, Elegance on Display will be focused 100% on you! Tastings are customized based on what you’re looking for and there is a dining room table and couch in her storefront for sampling. It’s the most comfortable, relaxed atmosphere to do a cake tasting without having everyday customers in your way! She also adds a free anniversary cake to take with you after the wedding! With Elegance on Display, you really can have your cake and eat it too!!

Allie Marion Photography

Dinner 4 Two
Are you sweating for the wedding? Dinner 4 Two can help you out with the kitchen portion! Their main focus is helping engaged couples cook more at home and eating more healthy meals that they teach you how to prepare. They do cooking shows for engaged couples all around the country to introduce them to the company and how easy it is to cook at home! Their cooking demonstration normally takes up to five couples per demonstration in a hotel for a weekend. It’s a one hour cooking show where you get the opportunity to try the food and see how easy it is to eat healthy in your own house! Their whole goal is to save you time and money by cooking healthy at home. You can also purchase the cookware at a demonstration that comes with a 50 year warranty! And if you’re trying to decide where to register, they have their own wedding registry!

Welk Resorts
Say yes to twinkling lights at dusk, the sound of laughter and clinking glasses, fountains sparkling in the sunlight, the smell of flowers mixed with freshly-mown grass. Say yes to the perfect ambiance. At Welk Resorts, they know how to craft that special event you’ve been planning, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, anniversary or other milestone. Say yes to their gorgeous settings – on the greens or under a glowing tent – plus their carefully curated and customized menus, attentive professional staff, amenities and accommodations and the experienced guidance of their in-house event design team. Just say yes!

Selcouth Creative
If you’re looking for romance, then Selcouth Creative is the photography team for you. This husband and wife come together as a team to photograph your day and preserve your memories for a lifetime. Ted has a fine art background and minimalist approach while Lexi adds styling and a feminine touch. Together, they pay attention to the smallest details that make the biggest difference and mesh their styles to create the perfect blend. Their goal is to make everything very comfortable and to help everyone have a great time. On top of weddings, Selcouth Creative also loves doing engagement shoots, boudoir photography, and surprise proposals.

The Baked Bear
Have we found a fun alternative dessert for you!! The Baked Bear serves up delicious gourmet ice cream sandwiches! They can come to your wedding, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc, with a full service catering bar including four ice cream flavors and four cookie flavors, along with a professional server who will make unique combinations of ice cream sandwiches from the flavors you choose. Another option is to do premade ice cream sandwiches, you could have your own Signature Ice Cream Sandwich for your wedding! With an assortment of popular flavors, this is sure to please a variety of guests!!