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A modern & classier cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day

green cocktail

The perfect refreshing cocktail to help you find the luck of the Irish from Snake Oil Cocktail Company

Go Green

Vodka, smashed cucumber, pressed lime, Agave nectar, muddled basil. Garnish with an edible flower and a sprig of rosemary.



Craft cocktails that that are sure to get your party started!

Snake Oil Cocktail Co. believes that their signature cocktails are a great addition to any wedding because it adds intrigue and personalization to what could be just a regular bar. They can customize any cocktail, a wedding guest is able to experience what makes the couple “them,” whether it be if they choose to do his and hers with their favorite spirits or Cocktail Graffiti with a picture of their pets or themselves.They like to add to the memorability of a wedding and ensure that guests leave having experienced a great time with our drinks, including children, as our elixirs are delicious even without alcohol. Their inspiration for their cocktails comes from seeing how they can use fresh, unique ingredients to create tonics that vitalize and nourish while still consuming alcohol. They also like to reduce the stress of planning for a bar or providing alcohol to wedding guests by coming prepared with packages that include every detail, from mixers and garnishes to liquor permits and insurance. Their Snake Oil event specialists are there every step of the way to ensure the couple and their loved ones have the smoothest and most enjoyable planning process possible. Their commitment to efficiency, quality, and attention to detail really sets them apart in the beverage catering industry.

craft cocktails

Hummingbird Sour

Vodka or tequila, Smashed Pineapple, Pressed Lemon, Black-Pepper-Spiced Brown Sugar, Pasteurized Egg White, Aromatic Bitters

Photo: Garrett Richardson


craft cocktails

Branded Coconut Activation: Fresh coconut water

Photo: Garrett Richardson

craft cocktails

Ginger Peach Old Fashioned / Peachy Keen

Bourbon, smashed peach, muddled orange peel, fresh ginger, cinnamon bitters

Photo: Kristina Kay


craft cocktails

Out Of The Blue

Vodka or Gin, Smashed Blueberry, Pressed Lemon, Infused Lavender, Soda

Photo: Honey Photographs


beer truck, tap truck

Tap Truck provides cocktail and beverage catering. Most people recognize them as a draft beer truck, but they also offer wine and cocktail bar catering. They service events ranging from 25 to 5,000 thirsty guests. They hand pick their selection of craft beer, hard cider, wine, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages. Choose from their beer menu including pale ales, pilsners, stouts, lagers, wheat beer, saison, amber ales, and IPA’s (India pale ale). They’ll take their mobile bar service anywhere they can legally serve your party. Their vintage style will be a hit at your wedding event!

beer truck, tap truck

beer truck, tap truck

swig rig, bar trailer


The Swig Rig is a mobile bar service committed to raising the bar of beverage catering. Their skilled bartenders will work with you to create specialized menus, creative cocktails, and flawless bar coordination. No setup, no cleanup, no special permits. They make it easy for you to be the greatest party host of all time!  Elegant and sophisticated, Swiggy will add some glitz and glamour to your wedding or party.
swig rig, bar trailerswig rig, bar trailer
Beverage Catering: The Swig Rig
Photographer:  Honey Photographs

bride, groom, beer, toasting, cheers

The Tap Truck services the greater San Diego County with a fleet of vintage beer trucks. Simply select whatever brews/wines/ciders you and your guests might enjoy and leave the rest to them! What started out as a desire for finding the best local craft beers, and a passion for restoring old pick-up trucks has turned into the concept of Tap Truck. Perfect for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, or any of your pre-wedding celebrations!

beer truck, beer taps

Call them your beer truck, wine truck or bar on wheels, but they are more formally known as Tap Truck where they provide cocktail catering. Their services and experience range from catered events of 25 guests to 5,000 parched folks.

Let them know your favorite: craft beer, craft cider, pale ale, pilsner, stout, lager, wheat beer, saison, amber ale, ipa (india pale ale), or even kegged wine that they can supply by a nitro tap. Then Tap Truck can show up as your mobile bar anywhere they can legally serve the thirst quenching party beverages.

beer truck