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Mallory + Tony


Mallory and Tony’s wedding beautifully encapsulated their journey together, imbued with the vibrant colors and rich experiences of their travels through Spain, Italy, and France. Their love story, celebrated at Seagrove Park at L’Auberge Del Mar, was a heartfelt nod to the countless dates they enjoyed there, reflecting their desire to share the scenic beauty and joyful memories of San Diego with their guests. This setting, chosen for its stunning ocean views, was pivotal in creating an unforgettable experience for those coming from afar, including the United Kingdom. In homage to these adventures, the inclusion of citrus elements, particularly lemons, at the place settings and within the tablescapes served as a vibrant nod to their Mediterranean travels, beautifully integrating an essential visual element from their vacations into their wedding celebration.

The planning of their wedding was a testament to their partnership, marking their first major project as a couple. With a focus on collaboration and fun, Mallory and Tony effortlessly blended their individual tastes into the wedding’s design, guided by the expert assistance of Adorations Botanical Artistry. The carefully chosen color palette, inspired by their Mediterranean adventures, was vividly brought to life, ensuring the day was a true reflection of their shared experiences.

In a thoughtful move, Mallory allowed her bridesmaids to select dresses that resonated with their individual styles, within a harmonious palette of dusty blues, bright pinks, pale pinks, and creams. This decision fostered a sense of unity and respect for personal expression, strengthening the bonds between them.

Tony’s engagement in the planning process was characterized by fun and dedication, with a mutual agreement to prioritize their relationship, even in moments of stress. This approach ensured the journey to their wedding day was filled with laughter and love.

A special moment shared between Mallory and Tony on the morning of their wedding, a reflective walk in Seagrove Park, symbolized their thoughtful approach to their union, emphasizing their hopes and dreams for their future together.

Central to their vision was ensuring each guest felt a personal connection and appreciation. Through individual letters that became seating assignment place cards, the couple expressed gratitude and the unique significance of every attendee, enhancing the sense of community and belonging at their wedding.

Mallory’s advice for future couples is to focus on joy, select supportive vendors, and personalize the wedding day to reflect their unique story. Their celebration was a testament to this philosophy, showcasing their personalities, the depth of their relationship, and the strong connections with their loved ones. Through careful planning, personal touches, and an inclusive spirit, Mallory and Tony’s wedding was not just a union of their lives but a vibrant celebration of love, adventure, and collective joy.



L’Auberge Del Mar @laubergedelmar


Bliss Events @blissevent


Ether & Smith @etherandsmith


Amari Productions @amariproductions

Floral Design:

Adorations Botanical Artistry @adorationsinc

Dress Designer:

Stephanie Allin @stephanieallin
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana @dolcegabbana


To Be Designed @tbdsandiego


Wood & Steel Live Music Company @woodandsteellive, DJ Simple @1djsimple


KC Witkamp @kcwitkamp


SusieCakes @susiecakesbakery, The Baked Bear @BakedBear


Aw Snap! Photo Booth @awsnapbooth


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