Inspiration Boards

The Signs All Lead to Love

So much thought was put into this day. Personal touches were placed throughout the event as reminders of love. The breathtakingly soft color palette complimented the romantic day.

A brightly colored day filled with personal touches for everyone to enjoy. Modern elegance and a sweet candy bar highlight the bride and groom’s personalities perfectly.

Glamorous Love

An intimate affair, on a large scale. The bride and groom’s touches were personal and their romantic day truly illustrated their love. Stunning bay views and grand floral centerpieces made their wedding day a glamorous occasion.

Chinese and Jewish Fusion

Distinct Chinese and Jewish cultures blend in a beautiful marriage. Vibrant colors and beautiful lighting create a gorgeous wedding day.

Tasty Tuscany

Be prepared to be transferred to the tranquil wine county of Tuscany, Italy. In order to create this stunning vignette we chose a venue that looks as if were taken straight out of Italy, and selected light peach, deep maroon, olive green and shades of natural browns as our color scheme. Every detail from the gelato bar, to the charcuterie station, to the olive oil favors, to the Italian phrasing on the stationery, to the one of a kind mint green Vespa was meticulously chosen to be reminiscent of Italian tradition.

Bayside Elegance

Soft pinks and ivories come together to create a breathtakingly romantic color palette. Elegant linens dance with the bride and groom in the breeze of the San Diego Bay.


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