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January 17, 2017

Sweet Stuff

By Adam
The cake has become a highlight of the wedding 
reception.  Modern couples are taking cakes to the next level with unique designs and gourmet flavors.  Pick your favorite and enjoy a sweet moment with your new husband.

CAKE 101

Each baker will have his or her repertoire of flavors-chocolate to tiramisu-and fillings-fresh fruit to white chocolate ganache.  Before you get to that point, you need to know a little about cake and icing options.


Pillar  Each tier of cake is separated by pillars (clear, white, colored, etc.).  The space between the pillars may remain empty or may be accented with flowers.
Stacked  This cake is stacked one tier on top of the other, with no space showing between layers.
Cascade or satellite  Each layer is decorated separately and placed upon its own pedestal, which stands independently of the others.  The pedestals are of varying heights so that it appears the individual cakes are cascading.



Fondant  A smooth sheet-like icing that is rolled out.  Fondant gives a smooth clean look and is very popular with the very modern and intricate styles of cakes today.

Butter cream  A creamy sweet icing that is a traditional favorite.  Butter cream can be flavored and spread on smoothly, but it does not give the “sharp” or defined smooth look that fondant gives.

Royal A frosting made by beating together sugar and egg whites. It hardens when dried, so it is great for dots, lace or
lattice work.

Ganache Chocolate and heavy cream combination that can be poured over cakes for a glass-like chocolate finish or used as filling.

Icing and Decoration

Marzipan A rolled paste of ground almonds, egg whites and sugar that can be draped and shaped.
Sugar Paste Also called gum paste, it is used like marzipan to make beautiful flowers and decorations.

Dragees Hard little sugar balls are painted with edible gold or silver paint.
Pulled Sugar Boiled sugar, water, and corn syrup used to create beautiful designs.