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January 17, 2017

Registries – Do’s and Don’ts

By Adam

By: Kristen Castillo

Remember when you were a kid and you fantasized about going on a shopping spree through a toy store? You would plan out your every move. Your path down each aisle was calculated. Your strategy was unmatched. And now that you’re an adult, the fantasy of a shopping spree lingers, only now you dream of sleek stemware, 250 thread count sheets, and precision steak knives. The concept of a shopping spree is closely matched by the modern bridal registry which is a veritable smorgasbord of household goods, knickknacks and things that are lovely to have but you might not buy for yourself. With one beep of a scanner, you and your fiancé are a step closer to filling your collective cabinets.
Mr & Mrs Wedding Duo
Do register for every room in the home.
Survey your home before you head to the store. What will you and your fiancé need most in your home? Bed linens? Appliances? His and her monogrammed towels?

Do register at multiple stores.
Why limit you and your guests to one place to shop? Keep in mind that out of town guests may not have access to the same stores where you register. It is a wise idea to register at a major retailer

Do register in quantity and quality.
You want to have enough items and make sure that they are durable. For towels, always register for at least two sets per bathroom and color; for everyday dinnerware, get at least eight place settings and for more formal tableware register for a minimum of eight place settings with an ideal goal of 12.

Do register for “must haves.”
Every couple needs to have the basics to set up house. Make sure you register for dinnerware, flatware, stemware, a quality set of cookware, a few serving pieces, and basic appliances such as toasters and coffeemakers. Outside the kitchen, you’ll need sheets, towels and other bath items.

Do have a wish list.
Couples can register for luxury items such as luggage for the honeymoon, vases or picture frames. We encourage guests to ask for everything they’ve ever wanted. Start with the basics but don’t forget to ask for the extravagances.
Mr & Mrs Wedding Duo
Do register for items in variety of price ranges.
Make sure to register for a broad assortment of items in varying price points to give guests choices and a budget to work with.

Do become registry-savvy.
Many stores encourage brides to enroll and update their registries on line. That portion of wedding planning can be done from the convenience of the bride’s home and also offers help on budgeting and managing a guest list.

Do register for the non-traditional.
Many couples are setting up bridal registries at stores like Home Depot where it is easier to find tools than tulle. But these modern, practical couples remember that not all wedding gifts are pretty or delicate. They know that drills, gardening tools and gas grills make great wedding gifts too.

Do think outside the box.
If you thought registering at a home improvement store was non-traditional, try registering for your honeymoon.

Do tell!
Make sure you let everyone know where you and your fiancé are registered. Guests do not want to guess what you need or want. The registry serves as a starting point for them.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Brides should set up registries at least nine months before the wedding or as early as the wedding date is set.
Mr & Mrs Wedding Duo
Don’t go it alone.
It used to be that brides left their grooms at home when they went to the store to register. Nowadays the guys have a lot of fun and lot of input into what goes on the list. Many grooms register with their brides. They like to be included, want to register for something they really like and they love the scan gun.

Don’t over-register.
Asking for too many quantities of an item does not guarantee that you’ll get it. Registry professionals suggest listing adequate amounts of items in varying price ranges.

Don’t register for discontinued or seasonal items.
Make sure the items you register for will be available for your guests to purchase. If only limited quantities are available, then the item is a poor choice for the registry.

Don’t forget to say Thank You.
Be sure to send prompt thank you notes to your guests expressing your gratitude for the gifts. The rule of etiquette says that the note should be sent as soon as the gift is received; so do not wait until you get back from the honeymoon if you get the gift before the big day.