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January 17, 2017

Gown Shopping Tips

By Adam
1. Know Your Budget
You should know your financial limits before you go to a salon. Inflating your budget and putting everyone on the spot will just leave you empty-handed.

2. It’s OK to love the first dress
This happens a lot! Trust yourself, if the first gown you try is truly the ONE, then everyone else will fall in love with it too.

3. Know Your Silhouette
Trying on the wrong silhouette can cause any bride to be discouraged. A dress in a magazine looks different on a model, so go with what is figure-flattering on you.

4. Be Open to Alterations
It’s important to remember that dresses can be altered. Try to envision the dress on your wedding day when it’s fitted to your body and style.

5. Be Open to Different Styles
Keep your options and your mind open and you may just surprise yourself.

6. Keep Location in Mind
A ball gown is way too heavy for the beach and a lightweight sheath is light for an elegant affair. Your gown should match your location and wedding style.

7. Say YES and Stop Shopping
Everyone wants confirmation that they’ve made the right choice, but continuing to shop and ask others’ opinions will only lead to second-guessing your choice.

8. Trust Your Instincts
It can be hard when your friends don’t love the same gown you do, but you must trust that you know what you want and what you love.

9. Leave Room in The Budget For Extras
Bling isn’t cheap! Anytime you accessorize, customize your look or need alterations, the cost goes way up. So, leave some room in the budget for finishing touches

10. Share Your Vision
It’s important to speak with your friends before you come to the salon so they understand what you’re looking for. If they aren’t on the same page, they can send you down the wrong path.