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January 17, 2017

Beautiful Brides

By Adam

By: Kristen Castillo

Angelina, Reese, Shakira, and Beyonce. Face it, you have a favorite celebrity whose look you love and whose life and style you track.

Maybe it’s just a glimpse at a magazine at the grocery store or it’s an obsession checking out beauty websites, but either way, you can admit, your look is inspired by celebrities. And looking your best on your wedding day is no exception. From hair to makeup to skin, you want a look that’s Hollywood-ready.

San Diego Style Weddings asks celebrity stylist Patrick Theohar, owner of 9022 Sunset Salon in Los Angeles to share his tips for bridal beauty.
Celebrity Wedding Style
Looking like a celebrity is an everyday wish for lots of women, but there’s nothing like celebrity wedding style. Theohar picks his favorite wedding looks: “I like Gwen Stefani and Rebecca Romjin, Avril Lavigne and Pamela Anderson,” he says. “For guys, I like Billy Martin of Good Charlotte.” “The reason I like these looks is that they are loose flowing and beautiful. Very classic looks accentuate how beautiful the brides are and are classic and can stand the test of time.”

When it comes to getting those Hollywood wedding looks, Theohar says, “The wedding styles easiest to emulate are Pam Anderson and Rebecca Romjin because they are done with the large curling iron and are half up and down.”
As a bride, you probably obsess over every wedding detail and that includes your wedding look, especially how to wear your hair.

Theohar advises brides to grow out their hair completely before the wedding. “The bride should have long layers so she can have all options with her style,” he says. “Models have long layers so they can achieve updo’s, half up and down, all down with soft waves. All of which are classic styles perfect for a fab wedding. Even finger waves can be achieved with this long layered hair.” No matter what hair style you decide on, don’t experiment with your look too close to the wedding. Instead, try out a new color or a new cut at least six months before the big day. If you like the changes, you can maintain them, but if it’s not what you envisioned, you’ll still have time to grow your hair or fix your color without a big rush and lots of fuss.

Another thing to consider? Avoiding hair blunders. “Brides can learn from celebrity mistakes by not having a hairstyle that is too in fashion. That kind of hairstyle looks dated so fast and can’t stand the test of time,” says Theohar. “Keep it classic and beautiful.”

From concealer to lip gloss to eye shadow, mascara and blush, you know your everyday makeup routine. But for your wedding day, you need to take your look up a few notches. After all, you need to be luminescent and camera-ready at all times. Work with your stylist to find colors that look great on you and will pop on camera. Accentuate your best features like your eyes and your lips — two areas that can really boost your wedding look.

Many celebrities enhance their eyes with eyelash extensions which make lashes look full and lush. Plus they seem more natural since they’re placed one-by-one between your real lashes. Expect to pay about $300 for these fabulous lashes which will last about six to eight weeks. Think about it – you’ll have great lashes for your wedding and your honeymoon too!

If you need style inspiration, look to celebrities who are cutting edge and work with stylists to make sure their look is perfect for them. Browse your favorite magazines and websites for photos you like and show those to your stylist who can discuss whether the look works for you and how to get it.

“The celebrities that look good are Eva Mendes, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba,” says Theohar. “They look fresh and don’t look like they’re trying too hard. That’s the look to emulate.”

Remember you can get inspiration from a lot of people – maybe you want a soap star’s smoky eyes and a movie star’s shiny hair. Experiment with your style, have fun and most of all find a wedding look that makes you comfortable while also showcasing you as the center of attention.

You want glowing skin for your wedding so you need to start taking care of your skin from the moment you get engaged. You especially need to work on your skin’s weakness like oiliness, dryness or acne. Visit a dermatologist or an aesthetician if you need a lot of help. Otherwise just develop a regimen that works for your skin such as regular facials, frequent moisturizing and of course, lots of sunscreen (use SPF 30 or higher every day to keep your skin refreshed and wrinkle-free). If your goal is younger looking skin, you may consider fillers like Restylane, Juvederm or Botox which are injected into the skin by a dermatologist or other skin professional to make skin smoother and firmer. Injections can be done in-office and last a few months. When you’re ready for your close-up, you don’t want any unwanted hair on your face or body. Waxing can be painful, but it has great results. Still you don’t want to wax too close to your wedding day. That way you can give your skin time to heal if something goes wrong.

“All facials and waxing should be done two weeks ahead of time so there isn’t face emergencies such as red skin, acne that’s irritated from a facial,” says Theohar. “Two weeks or one week at the very least. The skin should be glowing 10 days after treatments.” You don’t have to limit waxing to your upper lip and your eyebrows. Many photographers recommend waxing your arms so they are hair-free in photos, especially close-ups of your hands and arms when you’re embracing your new husband or showing off your bouquet. To get rid of annoying hairs that you’re sick of plucking and waxing, consider laser hair removal. You’ll probably need three to five laser hair removal sessions to zap away the unwanted hairs. The sessions are usually spread out over the course of a month or two. If you want this procedure, get it done at least a few months before the wedding.

Your favorite celebrities may look tan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re visiting a tanning salon or soaking up the rays poolside. These days, celebs get tan with self-tanners or spray tanning. But be sure to practice with these products well before the big day. Find the perfect fake tan that suits you at least a few weeks before the big day. Practice with these products ahead of time so your skin doesn’t look orange or uneven.
Aside from great skin, hair and makeup, every bride wants a killer smile. A cosmetic dentist can help you straighten teeth with everything from veneers to braces, but the quickest fix is teeth whitening. Prices for professional whitening treatments range from $250 to $1000.

In-home trays and over-the-counter kits are cheaper and require many sessions. They can whiten your teeth, but they’re not always as effective as professional treatments.

You need to be the center of attention on your wedding day. So go ahead and revel in your red carpet-like moment. But remember that looking your best starts a long time before you say “I Do.” Perfect your skin, your hair and your style before the big day and you’ll look flawless as you walk down the aisle.

San Diego Style Weddings’ Beauty Tips
Don’t Forget Sunscreen On your big day and every day, don’t forget to apply SPF to your hands, neck and arms too – these often forgotten areas can burn easy and that will show on your wedding day.

Don’t Over-do It “Keep it classic, fresh and beautiful,” says Theohar. “Sometimes less is more.”

Be Consistent No matter what your beauty regimen is, you need to be consistent to see the best results, so stay motivated by focusing on your long term goal – looking amazing at your wedding.

Nail It Your hands and nails will get a lot of attention on your wedding day, so make sure they look their best. Even if you don’t usually wear nail polish, it’s a quick way to enhance your wedding look. Go for a simple, yet stylish color like a sheer pink, peach or the always classic French manicure.