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March 23, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Jennifer & Jason

By sdwedding
9/10/2016  |  Horton Grand Hotel

Simply put: Jennifer and Jason are easy people to have in your presence. I can honestly say that, even in the midst of their wedding, they remained calm and personable, and their event did away with some of the formalities and really focused on their connection and the bond they have with friends and family.Although I only spent one day with them, their event seemed to be a reflection of their whimsical and fresh personalities, and for me, it was a welcomed opportunity to document a day that ran a bit deeper than any run-of-the-mill wedding. Their wedding unfolded as they wished, and a majority of it took place in a home with familiar sights and sounds.J&J and friends and family had lunch together before getting dressed, and there was no big production for the first-look after Jennifer was in her dress and Jason in his tux. What was present: a valuable genuineness that seems incredibly hard to find in an individual, let alone a couple.Jason is a person that treats you with utmost respect (I especially noticed the little things: helping me grab my gear here and there.. always a “please” & “thank you”), and he seems a bit reserved at first. He quickly opens up, and I especially noticed that he seems most at ease when around Jennifer.Jennifer speaks confidently and, for a second, her poise and bright-white smile are almost intimidating.. until you quickly sense her warmth and down-to-earth personality (anyone would notice her smile before anything else). In Jason’s presence, Jennifer is especially calm, and for me, their connection was a bit of the “opposites attract” notion while still placing a high value on many similar ideas and values.??These two, as a couple, have made a point in their lives to teach, but perhaps more importantly, to learn while teaching. They’ve traveled the globe as educators and have returned to their roots enlightened. Their genuineness, open minds, and ability to reason will provide them all they need to continue to grow in their relationship.Sometimes it’s best to do away with the formalities and invest yourself into what’s truly important. Thank you, Jennifer and Jason, for the reminder and inspiration.









Location: Horton Grand Hotel
Photographer: Red Barn Photography
Hair: Hyde Edwards Salon
Florist: My Flower Shop / Wholesale Flowers