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March 23, 2016

Ask Abby: 10 Things to Do When You’re Newly Engaged

By sdwedding

We’re very excited this week to do a new weekly post called “Ask Abby!” Every Wednesday, Abby will cover a new topic and she is always open to suggestions! If you want to “Ask Abby” something, please shoot her an email at!

This week we’ll chat about 10 Things To Do When You’re Newly Engaged! Your engagement is such an exciting time but with so much happening at once, it’s easy to forget small but important details!

1. First things first, you get to announce the big news!
Make sure to contact your family and closest friends to share your excitement
before posting on social media.
2. If you haven’t already, go get a manicure! Everyone is
going to be dying to see your ring so you want to make sure your hands are in
tip top shape! 
3. Pick a date. This may seem daunting considering your
family and friends’ schedules but start thinking about what time of year you
want your wedding to be and nail one down. It’s a step in the right direction
for wedding planning!
4. Budgets are not the easiest part of a wedding but a
pretty important one. You need to discuss how much you’re willing to spend and
if anyone is going to be helping you pay for the wedding. From there, you’ll be
able to prioritize what the most important features of your wedding will be. 
5. After setting a budget, you will need to start working on a guest count rough estimate. On top of family and friends,
you should also ask your parents and future in laws for a list of their friends
that they would like to be in attendance. This number is important to the feel
of your wedding as well because there is a big difference in an intimate
gathering of your 50 closest friends and family and a gala for 500 that includes
all of your parents friends you don’t even know. 
6. Make sure to check out Bridal Shows near you! It’s a
great start to planning to start getting an idea of what you do and don’t want.
Some vendors will even do giveaways for their services!!  
7. One pro tip is to make return address labels with all of
your information on them (name, fiancé’s name, address, email, phone #) so when
you go to the Bridal Shows, you won’t get writers cramp from filling out
giveaway slips! 
8. Insuring your ring is always a good idea.  You never plan for anything to happen to
your gorgeous new ring and you swear you’re never going to take it off but it
is always better to be safe than sorry! If you have auto or home insurance,
it’s pretty easy to add on a new policy for your ring to that, bringing you and
your fiancé peace of mind. 
9. Even though wedding planning can be stressful, don’t
forget to make time for each other! Remember, you’re getting married because
you love this person and sometimes it can help with your planning to take a step
back and remember why you fell in love in the first place.
10. To help keep your stress down, make sure to pick up a
copy of San Diego Style Weddings!
With hundreds of vendors all over San Diego County and Temecula Wine Country,
we’re sure to have the right wedding professional you’re looking for!