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January 15, 2015

Personalized Touches: Flower Petal Drop

By sdwedding
Details with a personalized touch make a wedding more your own. If you want to surprise your guests with something a little unexpected, a flower petal drop may be for you. At the end of your wedding ceremony, you seal your vows with a kiss. It makes the moment extra special to have rose petals fall from the ceiling onto the newlyweds during the kiss. And if your photographer times it just right, the first kiss photos will be amazing.

Petal drops work best for ceremonies taking place under an arch, canopy or gazebo. To create the petal drop, cut clear or white plastic or fabric into a rectangle 4-6 feet in length. Attached long fabric ties or ribbon to the 2 front corners of the fabric. You are going to secure the fabric to the inside of the top of the gazebo. Start with the 2 back corners of the fabric and secure them with ties, nails or staples to the top of the gazebo. You want these to be strong so they remain attached after the petals have dropped. Next loosely attach the front corners of the fabric to the gazebo roof with Velcro or fabric ties. The long ties should remain hanging (and can be tucked behind the sides of the gazebo) until the kiss. Load the petals on the fabric once secure.  When it’s time to kiss, the best man and maid of honor pull the long ties, detaching the front corners of the fabric and releasing the petals.
Submitted from our guest blogger-Kristin of Stephanie Rose Events, Fine Wedding Planning & Design, 858-461-8423. We appreciate the contribution to our San Diego Style Weddings Blog. Follow us for her weekly new craft or insight on ways to personalize your wedding!